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Has it really been that long ago?

Seems like only yesterday when the only worries you had were getting your homework in on time and who were you going out with on the weekend!!
At Party Sensation, we take the worry out of planning your reunion.
Let us know the year of your graduating class, and we will create the atmosphere that brings you and your invited guests back to a much simpler time.
Your first "real" date, first car, job, independance on another level... still getting proofed (just kidding) and of course, those high school dances.
Maybe you just want to get everyone together for an up-to-date party.
Another way to go would be to emerce yourself in total nostalga.
This would include a full program of music from the time period, (mixed with current party line dances),voting for a prom king and queen, (or simply having the originals honored once more), and your M.C. announcing events of the time period.
As always, you are in full control of music volume.
At this type of affair, it's important to be able to hear the person you are talking to.
After so much time, there is a lot to catch up on.
Give us a call to help you in the planning stages of your affair.
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