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EVERYBODY LOVES A PARTY! For this holiday season, bring your co-workers together and boost team spirit!

We offer special discount packages for corporations and their employees.

Remember, the party you see for your office will not be the same one we do for your private affairs.

Each person has individual preferences and we plan out shows the same way, the way YOU want it to be.

For an office party, keep in mind that it will not be run like a wedding or mitzvah, the crowd is not the same!
We concentrate on group dancing, everyone can join the dance floor - no awkward couples dances to put you on the spot, unless we are instructed otherwise, let's just come together for a great time!!
Music volume is in YOUR control during the entire affair.
For all of your "sit down" portions of the event, a custom tailored selection of background music will be played.
(You may need to close a last minute deal and all points should be able to be heard.)
We maintain a high level of professionalism at all times, don't let a bunch of "part time entertainers" ruin your company image.
This is all we do here, your party must impress everyone enough to call on us again and again, satisfied people are our best form of advertisement!
Award dinners, installations, grand openings, retirements, holidays, and more! These are just a few events we make come alive for our corporate clients.
High tech light shows, party favors, fog, confetti cannons, dancers and more to really get things hopping
- or, a sophisticated evening with a live singer in full formal attire, it's all up to you. So with all this to choose from, what are you waiting for!
Set up an appointment with us today to send out an event coordinator to meet with your planning committee, shows book early!
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