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At Your ENGAGEMENT PARTY, you want to show all your friends and family that your ready to start something great!!For this, everything should be perfect... especially the music.

Let our experienced staff help you put together an affair everyone will talk about until your wedding day!

All parties are NOT alike, don't fall prey to an entertainment company that has all of it's shows pre-mixed on tape.
This type of party requires a lot of energy from the music makers to rev up your dancing crowd.
If a specific type of music packs the dance floor - keep it coming, if not, we should be prepared to change the selection quickly.

You're excited about the news of the new life you're about to begin and so should the people at your party!!

Don't let them go home saying "their party was o.k.". Everyone should feel like they want to party all night!

This is how the warm up should be for your wedding day, nothing less.

When you're ready, see what we can do for your WEDDING. We will make sure the two parties are different in every way, so relax and have a great time!!
SPECIAL DISCOUNTS apply for booking both affairs with us, so get in touch with us today. 
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