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13 years in the making, and now it's finally here!!!

There should be GREAT MUSIC MIXES!


There should be SPECIAL GAMES between food courses!

There should be ETHNIC FAVORITES played!


At Party Sensation, we know the excitement level must be kept high at all times, after all, you can only have a mitzvah celebration once! Your party will be talked about when it's over, what will they say? "The D.J. SET-UP was impressive."

"The DANCERS were very energetic and friendly, they never stopped interacting all through the party." "The COSTUME CHANGES kept coming, they were great." "The LIGHT SHOW was just the right touch, it never got on my nerves." "The MUSIC VOLUME didn't make my ears ring this time." "They gave out PARTY FAVORS I haven't seen before." "YOUR PARTY WAS THE BEST ALL YEAR, GIVE ME THE NUMBER OF THAT D.J. COMPANY!!

Or will they say, "It was the same as all the other parties"...OH NOOO!! See just why we are so different from all the other "stamped out shows"

YOU should be the star of the party - we just help make it happen. We are party motivators, not spotlight hogs, everyone should feel welcome enough to dance. Sure we have choreographed dances we do, we couldn't be an entertainment company without them, but knowing when to use them is what sets us apart.
Different music sets (grease, hip-hop, lite rap, island sounds, disco, couples dances, big band, 50's & 60's, ethnic favorites, reggae, todays top tunes, and more!) ensure everyone will stay in the party room - not running all over the building. Ask about our special Themed Party D.J. Booth Designs and Live Percussion to give your mitzvah that extra boost of entertainment! LETS GET YOUR PARTY STARTED!! Dates go fast, call as soon as you get your date to reserve special performers!

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