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Our Amazing D.J. Booth Designs
Here are the extras
Lighting-  Should never over power your room. From simple flashes of color, to scanning intelligent beams of light, changing colors and patterns controlled by computer. We plan the perfect blend of music and light for peak excitement!
Party Favors- To accommodate all different dance sets and games. We scour the globe to find interesting favors for you and your guests. (Not all the same stuff you may have in your basement from so many other affairs!)

Special Effects-

  • Flaming Bowls
  • Confetti Cannons
  • Balloon Launches
  • Fog
  • Bubbles
    Specialty FX are always being added. Ask us about the latest when booking your show!

Games-  Played between courses, keep the younger guests on the dance floor, not running around outside the room.
Costumes- Are still a part of a well rounded production. You get dressed up for the party - we will too! Set changes include: Conga, 50's, Hip-Hop, Video Wear, Games Judges, Tech Attire, and Formal Tuxedos for guys and gals to start off your event.

As always, all decisions are up to you. When we finalize your show, all of the ingredients get your O.K.!!!

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